Current Picture Book Manuscripts
by D.L. Frost

*Note to publishers, if you are interested in any of the books below please feel free to contact me via email or cell: 352-678-1316 if you'd like me to submit the full text versions.

Copyright 1994 - 2015 D.L. Frost. All rights reserved.

Excerpts from current picture books in progress
Excerpt from "A Walk In The Woods"
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Word Count: 363

There once was a bright shiny dragonfly
that lit on my nose as I passed by.
“Well, hi,” said I with a cheerful cry.
“Twitter, twitter. Click, click,” he replied.

There once was a little snake in the grass
that slithered and slid as I went past.
“Well, hi,” said I with a cheerful cry.
“Sss, sss. Hiss, hiss, “ he replied.

There once was a little bird passing by
that looked down at me from up in the sky.
“Well, hi,” said I with a cheerful cry.
“Tweetle, tweetle. Chirp, chirp,” she replied...

A Walk in the Woods

Currently available on Amazon in paperback and kindle versions.
Excerpt from "Elizabeth Byrd And The Magic Words"
Word Count: 840

There once was a girl named Elizabeth Byrd who went out one day to find magic words. Her mother would ask for them time after time but she just couldn't pull them from inside her mind.   So she searched for them high and she searched for them low. She searched for them in every place she would go. Could anyone she met on that day really know?
    Elizabeth stopped first to ask Mr. Fox as he sat by the river on top of some rocks, “Please, can you tell me what the magic words are?”
    Mr. Fox stroked his chin then shouted, “Alacazar!”
    “Thank you!” she cried as she stepped to the side. And with all of her might she yelled, “Alacazar!” But nothing seemed changed whether near or afar.
    The fox scratched his ear and with a sly little wink he said, “Look for old Jack, he will have words I think.”...

Elizabeth Byrd and the Magic Words

Currently available in paperback and kindle versions on Amazon.
Excerpt from "Elizabeth Byrd And The Night Sounds She Heard"
Word Count: 1042

    Elizabeth Byrd woke in the night to an unusual sound that gave her a fright. Tap-tap-tap-tapping she heard from the hall. Was it something quite large or actually small? She tossed back the covers and slipped from her bed, so many scary thoughts racing through her head. Could it be a dragon? She thought to herself. The tapping of talons or some mouse on a shelf?
    Elizabeth tiptoed along the cold floor then reached for the knob and threw open the door! Expecting the dragon or a chubby old rat. But all that she found there was, Toby, her cat. “You gave me a fright you miserable kitten!” But Toby just purred and she was once again smitten. Returning to bed with her cat in her arms she was perfectly safe from any further harms. Sleep came to her swiftly as she stroked Toby's fur. Toby laid still and continued to purr...
Excerpt from "A Rainy Night Fright"
Word Count: 282

    Sitting in my bedroom one sleepless, rainy night, the thunder outside rumbling really gave me such a fright. Lightning spread across the sky and streaked to Earth below. I flew into the hallway not quite sure which way to go.
    I went into my sister’s room but she was sound asleep. Then I slipped into the bathroom but the sounds gave me the creeps. So, I ran back to my bedroom and slid beneath the bed. Oh, the thoughts I had by then that just swirled inside my head!...
Excerpt from "The Secret Journey"
Word Count: 186

    If you believe in gnomes and nymphs follow me for a shadowed glimpse. Through these pages pressed and neat you will see them running on swift feet.
    Peeking out from behind the trees or riding on the backs of bumblebees. Using a mushroom for a house for they are smaller than a mouse. Can you find the little gnome trying to find his way back home? Do you see that nymph over there? She's frightened by the running hare. ...
Excerpt from "A Voyage Upon Wild Seas"
Word Count: 364

    I once took a voyage upon wild seas to visit the beings who lived there. From deep down below in the watery depths to those flying above in the air. I started my trip from the sands of a beach where the seagulls played tag as they flew. I launched my boat out on the water and paddle to where the waves grew. I came to a beautiful coral reef. Such a marvelous magical place. To see who lived there under the sea I put snorkel and mask to my face. Looking over the edge of my sailboat, my face just below the water, I saw manta rays playing while starfish were dancing. A seahorse was teaching his daughter....
Excerpt from "Dandelions To Daisies: A Book Of D"
Word Count: 135

    Dandelions in the daisies, daffodils dancing around. Derrick’s dog is dining on an old bone that he found. Danny takes a daring dive off the deck at Dillard’s pool. Darla spends her summertime playing house and school.....