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Writer, Poet, Illustrator & Artist

About the author/illustrator, poet, artist and dabbler in many things creative.

Debra L. Frost was born in 1960, the youngest of four children to Ruth and John Pomeroy. She married young and had two children Katrina and Raymond. She is now the proud grandmother of 6 beautiful grandchildren whose ages range from 6 to 18 years old. They are  her world and what gave her inspiration to write and illustrate children's picture books. A poet for many years she often uses her love of rhymes to assist her in her children's picture book stories. Her works in children's picture books are most influenced by the fabulous books by Dr. Seuss of which she has read most, if not all, and shared lovingly with her children and grandchildren.

Besides her love and desire to write and illustrate picture books for young readers she enjoys writing poetry and various works of fiction, painting with acrylics, drawing with pencils, pastels, pen and ink as well as digital media and enjoys photography. Though she has had little formal training in any of the arts beyond high school English and Art classes and one mini art class at a community college, she took an online accredited course in authoring for children from WriteStoryBooksForChildren.com. She has also learned quite a lot from her older sister, a librarian and professor, who drills good grammar and spelling habits into her on a regular basis as well as showing her techniques she has learned in college art classes and encouraging her artistic endeavors. Thank you dear sister she would not be here without you!

Among all her other passions she is quite creative in the art of jewelry making and wears almost solely her own designs daily. You can see her jewelry creations at Mystic Morcael's Wearable Works of Art.
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